The pogram is designed primarily for the students who want to prepare for the career path which takes advantage of the diverse and expanding opportunities in industrial, strategic organization and universities. The program provides a solid foundation in the concepts of physics as well as giving the students the experience and understanding of application of these concepts.

Course Facts

Study Level Study Mode Program Length Credit Hours Intake Class Timings 1st Semester Fee
Graduate Full Time 2 Years (4 Semesters) 30 Spring & Fall Semesters Weekend Rs 46,115

Entry To M.Sc Physics

Eligibility Seats Selection Criteria Scholarships Offered at Start Date Application
14 years of education in relevant discipline with minimum 45% marks 50 Academic Career: 60%, Interview: 40% Need & Merit Based upto 100%

I-14  Campus Islamabad

April & November Apply Online
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Program Structure

Courses Offered

Course Code Name Credit Hours
PH-506 Computational Physics 3
PH-509 Course on Nano Safety 3
PH-507 Laser Physics 3
PH-505 Materials Science 3
PH-508 Methods of Experimental Physics 3
PH-503 Particle Physics 3
PH-504 Plasma Physics 3
PH-499 Project Report 3
Course Code Name Credit Hours
PH-302 Basic Electromagnetism 3
PH-303 Circuits and Devices 3
PH-304 Classical Mechanics 3
PH-309 Laboratory-I (Basics Electronics) 3
PH-301 Methods of Mathematical Physics-I 3
UR-550 Professional Ethics 3
Course Code Name Credit Hours
PH-306 Electromagnetic and Relativity Theory 3
PH-310 Lab-II Spectroscopy 3
PH-308 Methods of Mathematical Physics-II 3
UR 550 Professional Ethics (Continued) 1
PH-305 Quantum Mechanics-I 3
PH-307 Thermal Physics 3
Course Code Name Credit Hours
PH-402 Atomic & Molecular Physics 3
PH-408 Laboratory – III (Modern Physics) 3
PH-404 Nuclear Physics 3
PH-401 Quantum Mechanic –II (PR PH-305) 3
PH-403 Solid State Physics 3
Course Code Name Credit Hours
PH-501 Applied Nuclear Physics (Pre-req. PH-404) 3
EE-XXX Elective I 4
EE-XXX Elective II 4
EE-XXX Elective III 4
PH-502 Statistical Mechanics(Pre-req. PH-307) 3