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Students Rule Book

Transfer Policy

Migration to and from IIMC

Migration to IIMC will be solely on the discretion of Admission Committee. It will be governed by rules and regulations of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council in vogue at that time.

Refund will be determined in accordance with the refund policy as stated separately. Migration from IIMC will be governed by rules and regulations of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council in vogue at that time.

Migration to IIDC 

Every student has to fulfill the following requirements. Students of Pakistan origin must be from an institution duly recognized by PM&DC, and affiliated University. For Foreign students the name of the Dental School or College must be included in the World Directory of Medical Schools-WHO.

Students must be 1st class F. Sc (Premedical) or equivalent with not less than 60% marks (unadjusted i.e. minus NOC and Women Guard marks).

Exam BDS 1st professional with in the permissible chances as per PM & DC rules (supporting certificate from principal is required). Student will also submit matriculate F Sc (Premedical) and OM certificate (FSc & all passed/failed BDS Prof Exams from his/her previous University/Dental College).

Student is not expelled from his previous college on disciplinary ground/moral turpitude or exhausted exam chances.

No objection Certificate from the Principal and affiliated chartered University of the college.

All migrating students will remain on provisional admission till they complete all formalities otherwise their name will be struck off the college "Provisional roll" at any time.

Migrating students have to submit complete course curriculum and internal evaluation certificate of each subject from his/her previous institution duly signed by Head of Department/Principal.

The student will be evaluated by the Board of studies of lIDC so as to determine the course covered and is according to IIDC syllabus as far as is possible.

IIDC will not be responsible for foreign/ overseas applicants who enter Pakistan with a tourist/visit visa, for dental study, student must have valid study visa from Pakistan Embassy obtained in the country of Origin.

For foreign / overseas Pre-medical F,Sc or equivalent exam 'A' level or grade 11 or 12 qualified students an equivalence certificate from the office of the Inter-Board Committee of Chairman. Islamabad (Pakistan) is to be submitted, indicating equivalence to F Sc (Pre- medical) 63% marks aggregate/unadjusted of Pakistani Board. The overseas/foreign student has also to submit a NOC from university of origin, duly attested by the Pakistani Embassy in that country.

Parents have sound financial background to support their son/daughter the expenses of dental studies in college.

Principal IIDC may cancel /refuse /remove the student at any time whose particulars / certificates, or any other documents are incomplete, incorrect or with wrong data or from Un-recognized institution submitted by such candidates/parents/guardians at the time of admission or during subsequent course at study.

Every migrating student has to give an under taking (on s. 10/- Judicial bond countersigned be Public Notary) that he will abide by the Rules, Regulation of IIDC including hostels. Specimen of such under taking would be provided by college authorities.