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16th Convocation 

16th Convocation 

16th Convocation will be held in December 2021 at Islamabad. Graduates of Fall-2020 and Spring-2021 are requested to get clearance and submit registration form of Convocation along with final Transcript.

Last date for Transcript application is October 15, 2021

Last Date for online registration is October 25, 2021

(Online registration for each graduate is mandatory while Hard Copy of Security Forms for each graduate of medical faculty is mandatory)

On successful completion of a degree program, University issued a “Degree” and honored in a university convocation ceremony. This ceremony held annually for fresh graduates. Different distinguished guests addresses the students and advise them about their practical professional life.

Student is required to complete following process to join convocation;

  1. Clearance:Every student has to clear his/her all dues relating to finance, library, and laboratory. Student can get clearance form from F&D and submit it for getting transcript to SSD along required documents.
  2. Transcript:Transcript application will be processed to Exams department through SSD. University registration is mandatory for getting transcript.
  3. Degree:Transcript is mandatory for getting Degree from Exams department along other required documents.
  4. 4. Gold Medals: Students who secured outstanding results in their batch in defined time of degree completion are awarded through gold medal in convocation.
  5. Full Dress rehearsalwill be conducted. Presence of all graduates is mandatory
  6. Online Registration form: Last Date for online registration is October 25, 2021

Feel Free to contact Student Services Department in case of any query at

Email: [email protected]

Student Services (I-14 main Campus) 
051-8446000-8            Ext. 323
Mr. Atyab Ahmed 03225106677
Ms. Maryam Mastoor 03207864555

Student Services (Potohar Campus) 
Mr. Ahsan Danish 03225106688

Student Services (G-7 Campus)
051-2891835   Ext. 1149
Mr. Fahad Saeed 03215954580
Mr. Shoaib Khan 03205000010

Student Services (Al-Mizan Campus) 
051-111-510-510        Ext.229
Ms. Javaria Mustafa 03225106644
Mr. Waseem Sajjad 03225106699