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Scholarships and Financial Assistance are awarded to the students under following schemes at Lahore Campus of RIPHAH International University:

Talent Scholarship:

  1. This scholarship is applicable to B.Sc. Electrical Engineering and B.Sc. Bio-Medical Engineering programs offered at RIPHAH College of Science and Technology (RCST), RIPHAH International University (Lahore Campus) only.
  2. Students of affiliated/constituent institutions/campuses are not eligible under this scholarship scheme.
  3. Students migrating to Riphah to complete their deficiency/incomplete degree are not entitled for this scholarship.
  4. This scholarship is not applicable to repeat terms/courses/semesters.


The following scholarships are offered for 2nd Semester and onward for both B.Sc. and MS programs in RCST, Riphah International University, Lahore Campus

 Mumtaz Scholarship: (for MS Program only)

  1. Students securing any position among top 20% of class strength in university exam of the respective academic term are eligible.
  2. These students have attained SGPA of 3.50 or above in case of semester system.
  3. This scholarship is awarded from 2nd term/semester onward and available simultaneously to students eligible for Musabiqat Scholarship.

Musabiqat Scholarship: (for MS Program only):

  1. Students eligible for Musabiqat Scholarship and securing any of top three positions in exams of Riphah International University for MS degree programs of the respective academic term are eligible.
  2. These students have attained SGPA of 3.71 or above.
  3. There are three scholarships under this scheme available from 2nd term onward.

Usra Assistanceship (Kinship Concession) (for both MS & B.Sc. Programs):

  1. Usra assistantship is awarded to real brother(s)/sister(s) of students studying simultaneously in any program of Riphah International University.
  2. It is awarded to brother(s)/sister(s) admitted later.
  3. 10% assistance ship on Semester fee is available to 2nd brother/sister, 20% of Semester fee to third brother/sister and so on.

 Mawakhat Assistanceship (Need cum based assistance) (for both MS & B.Sc. Programs):

  1. Assistantships are available on need cum merit base for students who have passed at least one university exam of Riphah International University.
  2. The student has to prove his/her hardship to the competent authority.
  3. The assistantship is awarded on Semester fee .
  4. For continuation of assistance ship in subsequent terms, the student has to maintain SGPA of 3.20 in each university exam. 
  5. The student awarded Mawakhat Assistantship has to complete 01 hour of social work as per schedule of the job assigned by the competent authority in the vicinity of Riphah International University or its sponsor IIMCT.

 For complete details please visit our admissions office.