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Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)


Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) was established, in Riphah International University, in Oct 2009 by Higher Education Commission (HEC) with a mandate to monitor, quality of education through a well-structured feedback mechanism.  The feedback is obtained from the current and ex-students, faculty, and employers. Since its inception, QEC worked at a high pace, created conducive environments to increase acceptability in the faculties towards the QEC mechanism.

QEC organized several awareness seminars in the university for the program team members, faculty and senior management on quality assurance, preparation of self-assessment reports.  Director QEC has attended several national and international events to represent Riphah International University and learn and share good practices with national and international counterparts.

QEC is a progressive and dynamic department striving to achieve distinctions in Quality Circles.


To Develop Riphah International University as a centre of excellence by continuously enhancing the quality of education and research.


  • To achieve excellence in teaching, learning and research through continuous quality improvement. 
  • To produce professionally competent graduates who meet the needs of society and country.


  • Verify that the existing programs meet their objectives and institutional goals
  • Maintain and continuously enhance academic standards
  • Review of quality standards and the quality of teaching and learning in each subject area
  • Review of academic affiliations with other institutions in terms of effective management of standards and quality of programs.
  • Develop quality assurance processes and evaluation methods to affirm that the quality of provision and the standard of awards are maintained and foster curriculum, subject and staff development, and research and other scholarly activities.
  • Ensure that the university‟s quality assurance procedures are designed to fit in with the arrangements in place nationally for maintaining and improving the quality of Higher Education.
  • Provide feedback for quality assurance of academic programs to the top management and HEC
  • Develop procedures for the following:
    • Approval of new program
    • Perform periodic monitoring and evaluation of programs, faculty, and student perceptions.
    • Departmental review
    • Student feedback
    • Employer feedback
    • Quality assurance of MS/M.Phil and PhD degree programs
    • Subject review
    • Institutional assessment
    • Program specifications
    • Qualification framework.


  •  QEC represented the university at International QA Platforms, including the International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) and Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) since 2012.
  • Riphah won 2016 APQN’s Best/Model Internal QA Award.
  • Director QEC Riphah got elected as Director INQAAHE Board through global voting in 2018.
  • QEC Riphah has earned HEC annual rating scores in the range of 97-100% since 2012. It remains one of the most highly rated QECs in the country.
  • Achieved ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certification of Riphah by M/S Lloyd’s Register UK.
  • During the Covid-19 QEC Riphah amicably supported online teaching by taking students’ feedback regarding:-
    • Internet Connectivity
    • Teaching quality
  • Conducted Peer Review exercise for 2,000+ online courses offered during the COVID 19 Lockdowns based on Blackboard Online Course Quality Rubric (2020-21)
  • Conducted Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) and MS/MPhil/Ph.D. programs review of Riphah Islamabad, Lahore and Faisalabad Campuses through a composite team of HEC
  • Provision of granular level data regarding 20,000+ students, 900+ faculty members and 1,500+ staff members of Riphah to Higher Education Data Repository (HEDR), HEC
  • QEC organized several online sessions for faculty members of Riphah on Quality Matters by engaging renowned Quality Professionals in the country.
  • Director QEC Acted as a resource person to conduct awareness sessions in several Peer Universities on Quality Assurance matters.

Quality Policy

“We are committed to make Riphah International University, a center of excellence for Quality Education in all Faculties through enabling environments, adaptive academic mechanisms and competent faculty, with emphasis on inculcation of Islamic Ethical Values and continual improvements “.


QEC Organizational Chart

Other Information

QEC Team

Director: Brig (R) Engr. Salim Ahmed Khan SI(M)

Salim Ahmed Khan is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering (production) from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore (session 1971-75). M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering from NUST (session 93-95). Served in the Army Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering for 31 years and retired as Brigadier, decorated with Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Military), worked on academic, maintenance, production and quality assignments throughout his career in the army.  His last assignment was as Deputy Chairman, Heavy Industries Taxila, Taxila Cantonment, where he contributed towards the production and quality assurance of the war machines for the country. 
He is working as Director Quality Enhancement Cell since 2010 and has been able to win laurels for the university. He has developed excellent working relations with Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan. He is nominated as Institutional Performance Evaluator by the HEC to conduct audits of the public and private sector universities. He has represented Riphah International University at national and international platforms with distinction. 

Manager: Dr. Fawad Sadiq

Having over a decade of professional experience, Dr Fawad Sadiq has done BSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore. He holds MS and PhD degrees in Engineering Management from the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad. He is a qualified ISO 9001 QMS Lead Auditor. He has published research papers in Innovation Management in reputed International Journals and has presented work related to Quality Assurance in International Conferences. His expertise includes ISO 9001 Quality Management System implementation and assessment in Higher Education Institutes, Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutes, Technology and Innovation Management. He is working in Quality Enhancement Cell since 2014.

Data Analyst: Mr. Qammer Rehman

Mr Qammer Rehman Abbasi is associated with Quality Enhancement Cell, Riphah International University since 2009. He has done Master of Philosophy in Statistics from Riphah International University and has over ten years of professional experience at different positions in Quality Management.

Asst. Manager (LHR): Mr. Jalal Ud Din

Mr. Jalal Ud Din has done MBA from Hailey College of Banking & Finance, Punjab UniversityHe has over 11 years of professional experience in different organizations in Pakistan. His last assignment was in TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection & Certification (Pvt) Ltd as Assistant Manager Scheme.

Asst. Manager (FSD): Mr. Shabeeb Ahmed Gill

Mr Shabeeb Ahmed Gill has seven years of experience in academia and industry related to management and teaching. He has done B.Sc in Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics, MPA from G.C University Faisalabad, MPhil in Business Administration from NCBA&E Lahore, and currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Business Administration from G.C University Faisalabad. He has published research papers in international journals and presented conference papers at international conferences. He is a qualified ISO 21001 EOMS Lead Auditor. His professional experience ranges from quality assurance in Higher Education and research experience in organizational system performance and entrepreneurship. 

QEC Officer: Mr. Shujaat Ali Khan

Management Trainee Officer: Mr. Muhammad Ikram

Self Assessment Program

  • SAR “Department of Electrical Engineering” June, 2011 Download
  • SAR “Faculty of Computing”, June 2011 Download
  • SAR “Faculty of Management Sciences”, June 2011 Download
  • SAR “MBBS complete with all annexure”, Dec 2011 Download
  • SAR “Pharm D complete with all annexures”, Dec 2011 Download
  • SAR “Basic Sciences complete with all annexures”, Dec 2011 Download
  • SAR “BDS complete with all annexures”, June 2012 Download
  • SAR “BBA complete with all annexures”, June 2012 Download
  • SAR “MPhil Pharm Chemistry”, June 2015 Download
  • SAR “MS Electrical Engineering”, June 2015 Download
  • SAR “MS Media Studies”, June 2015 Download
  • SAR “MS Project Management”, June 2015 Download
  • SAR “MSc Physics”, June 2015 Download
  • SAR “BS A&F (ISD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “M.Com (ISD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MA English (ISD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MBA Executive (ISD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MS ESR (ISD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “PhD EE (ISD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “PhD Pharmacy (ISD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “DPT (LHR)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MPhil Physics (LHR)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MPhil English (Linguistics) (LHR)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MPhil English (Literature) (LHR)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MPhil Mathematics (LHR)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MPhil Pharaceutics (LHR)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MPhil Pharmacology (LHR)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MS NMPT (LHR)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MS OMPT (LHR)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MS SLP (LHR)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “BBA (FSD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “BS CS (FSD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “BS SE (FSD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “BS EE (FSD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “DPT (FSD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MPhil English (Linguistics) (FSD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MPhil English (Literature) (FSD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MPhil Islamic Studies (FSD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MPhil Urdu (FSD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MPhil Sports Science (FSD)”, June 2017 Download
  • SAR “MSHCM (ISD)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MSDM (ISD)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MPhil Mathematics (FSD)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “B.Com (FSD)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MBA 1.5 (FSD)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MBA Executive (FSD)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MS Management Sciences (FSD)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MPhil Education (FSD)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MPhil Sociology (FSD)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MS Clinical Psychology (FSD)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MA English (LHR)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MSc Mathematics (LHR)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “ADCP (LHR)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “BBA (LHR)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “BS CS (LHR)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “BS Psychology (LHR)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “BS SE (LHR)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MPhil Applied Psychology (LHR)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MS CS (LHR)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MS Management Sciences (LHR)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MSc Physics (LHR)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MS Engineering Management (LHR)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MS Project Management (LHR)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “Executive MBA (LHR)”, June, 2018 Download
  • SAR “MS Clinical Psychology (LHR)”, June, 2019 Download
  • SAR “BS Clinical Psychology (FSD)”, June, 2019 Download
  • SAR “MA English (FSD)”, June, 2019 Download
  • SAR “BS Media Studies (ISD)”, June, 2019 Download
  • SAR “MSc Mathematics (ISD)”, June, 2019 Download
  • SAR “DPT (ISD)”, June, 2019 Download
  • Self Assessment Forms
  • Self Assessment Manual Download
  • “QPR”, January to March 2012 Download
  • “QPR”, April to June 2012 Download

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