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QEC Riphah International University holds Quality Assurance Session on QA Policies of Higher Education Commission (HEC) on 18th June, 2019

Quality Enhancement Cell Riphah arranged an awareness session on HEC's QA policies regarding Postgraduate programs, Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR), plagiarism and other academic matters on Monday 18th June, 2019. The target audience were Deans/Directors, maximum available PhD faculty members and program coordinators of all the faculties/ departments of Riphah. The resource person was Air Cdre (Retd) Muhammad Ismail, Ex-Consultant Quality Assurance Division (QAD) HEC Pakistan, who remained in this position from 2015 till 2019 and majority of the policy letters were issued under his signature. The objective of this activity was to re-emphasis on the HEC policy letters and their contents. 

A very warm response was displayed by all the invitees. 90+ participants attended that included faculty members from Riphah Lahore and Faisalabad sub-campuses also. The event started and ended dot on time. A very lively Q&A session was held. The Resource Person’s clarifications coupled with operational examples of various universities made it interesting and educative. The feedback of the participants regarding the activity was very positive. 

After the recitation of Holy Quran, Director QEC Riphah gave the introduction of the Resource Person and the Executive Director delivered the opening address. At the end of the activity the Executive Director thanked the Resource Person for a very interactive session and presented him the university's souvenir.

Director QEC, Riphah International University Win Board Director's Seat in INQAAHE Board (Apr, 2018)

Riphah International University is the member of INQAAHE for last six years. INQAAHE (International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education) is a world-wide association of organizations that are active in the theory and practice of quality assurance (QA) in higher education (HE). INQAAHE have 181 Full Members (HECs and Accreditation bodies) and 110 Associate Members (HEIs) across the globe. The INQAAHE is governed through a Board of Directors, elected every 3 years through Global Voting. 

Director QEC Riphah International University, Brig (R) Engr. Salim Ahmed Khan got elected as INQAAHE Board Director through GLOBAL VOTING, getting second highest vote amongst the contestants of 17 countries. The elected board members belong to Armenia, Taiwan, Pakistan, Australia, Peru, USA and Mexico. This is the first time that Pakistan got the representation in the INQAAHE Board. With this representation, Pakistan will have a say in promoting and setting global quality assurance agenda. We bow our heads to Allah Almighty for giving this honor to Pakistan amongst the community of the Nations.  

Director QEC, Riphah Contributed at National Level Workshop organized by PIEAS, Islamabad (20th Jun, 2017)

Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences (PIEAS) had arranged a National Level Workshop in which they had requested Director QEC, Riphah International University, Engr. Salim Ahmed Khan to be Resource Person for the subject activity. Director and Dy Director QEC, Riphah attended the event on 20th June, 2017. Director QEC, Riphah delivered two presentations and was also part of the panel discussion. The subjects of the presentations were "Improving University Governance by External Evaluation" and "Improving Teaching Quality & Research by focusing on HEC University Ranking Parameters". Directors/Dy Directors QECs of around 13x universities of the country were present apart from 30 plus faculty members of PIEAS. The contribution of Riphah were well taken and were highly appreciated by the participants. Director QEC, Riphah was presented shield by Rector PIEAS at the end of the activity


Riphah Contributes towards Improving QA in Higher Education in International University of Kyrgyzstan (20th to 24th May, 2017)

Director Quality Enhancement, Riphah International University Islamabad Pakistan, Engr. Salim Ahmed Khan, on the invitation of International University of Kyrgyzstan (IUK) visited IUK from 20th May to 24th May, 2017. During his visit, he called on the President of IUK and Rector International School of Medicine (ISM). Thereafter, he interacted with Deans/HODs to know the prevailing Quality Management System in the university.  Interactive sessions were planned with the Deans/HOD/Faculty members of the university, on the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Riphah International University, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Role of Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan in improving Teaching Quality and Research in HEIs of the country.
  • Improving University Governance through External Evaluation
  • The mechanism of grooming fresh students in Riphah International University
  • Improving Teaching Quality and Research by focusing on HEC University Ranking Parameters

During the presentations on Quality Assurance to ISM faculty members, the speaker found them extremely keen and willing to learn Quality Management System of Higher Education, as implemented in Riphah International University, Islamabad, Pakistan. Through these interactive sessions, efforts were made to pass on the QMS knowledge to them. It was a great interaction and they all felt extremely happy after having a first-hand knowledge about Riphah and its national and international achievements. It was pleasure to see their keenness to adopt the Riphah’s QMS model in all their departments for improving the Quality of Higher Education in IUK.  The university displayed great hospitality and presented to the speaker, their national gown and cap. A few pics of the visit are attached.


QEC Riphah International University presented a paper and a poster in 2017 INQAAHE Conference held in Bahrain (27th Feb to 1st Mar, 2017)

Riphah International University, Islamabad, Pakistan participated in the 2017 INQAAHE Conference “Between Collaboration & Competition: The Promises & Challenges for Quality Assurance in Higher Education” held in Bahrain from 27th Feb to 2nd March, 2017. Engr. Salim Ahmed Khan, Director Quality Enhancement, Riphah International University, Islamabad Pakistan presented a case study of Pakistan, titled “Improving Teaching Quality and Research by focusing on University Ranking Parameters”, the presentation was well received by the audience and generated a thoughtful discussion. Engr. Fawad Sadiq, Deputy Director Quality Enhancement, Riphah International University presented a poster titled “Government’s Initiatives to Improve Higher Education & Transnational Development”. A certificate of appreciation was awarded to Engr. Salim Ahmed Khan and Engr. Fawad Sadiq for their contributions in the International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education.


Riphah International University Wins 2016 APQN's Best/Model Internal QA Award (26th May, 2016)

Riphah International University, Islamabad, Pakistan has been declared as the winner of APQN Quality Award 2016 in the category of "APQN's Best/Model Internal QA Award". The award ceremony was held in Intercontinental Hotel, Natadola, Fiji Islands, on 26th May, 2016. There were over 250 participants from 38 member countries who attended the 2016 APQN Conference & AGM. 

APQN (Asia Pacific Quality Network) is a network of Accreditation/Regulatory bodies of 38 countries having it’s headquarter in China. It has a large number of universities of Asia Pacific Region as its institutional members. Every year APQN during its annual conference gives awards to the winners, on the recommendation of the International Jury, in four different categories. Best/Model Internal QA Award (category-1) is for those institutional members who demonstrate good practices that has potential of adaptation among APQN Members. 

Riphah International University, Islamabad, Pakistan is a Private Sector General University having over 7,000 students and 7 faculties. In addition to main campus in Islamabad, it has 2 sub campuses one each in Lahore and Faisalabad (Domestic). It has International presence in UAE and Mauritius. Riphah International University enjoys high repute amongst the universities of the country and is ranked at an honorable position by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan.   


Director QEC Riphah Wins 2015 APQN Quality Champion Award (17th Apr, 2015)

Director QEC Riphah, Brig (R) Engr. Salim Ahmed Khan has won 2015 Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) – Quality Champion Award.  The award ceremony was held on 17th April, 2015 at Kunming, China. The honor of giving the award was done by DG QAA, HEC, Pakistan Dr. Rafique Baloch. The Pakistani contingent who attended the conference comprised upon 3 officials from HEC (DG QAA Dr. Rafique Baloch, Dy. Dir QAD Mr. Hakim Ali Talpur and Dy. Dir QAD Mr. Muneer Ahmad) and 12 Director QEC’s of different universities. The papers were read by 04 participants i.e. Director QEC Riphah, Director QEC NUST and Director QEC IOBM, Karachi and Director QEC Punjab University Lahore. 

The APQN is a forum of 33 member countries having almost 33 Higher Education Commissions of these countries as member and 200+ universities as institutional members belonging to these countries. Every year, one award is given against the submitted nominations by the head of the institutions, on the recommendations of the International Jury. Alhamdulillah, Allah has honored Riphah International University by bestowing this award on Riphah’s Director QEC, this year.  This is the first International Award that came to Riphah, in the clapping of 300 International participants. This activity brought Pakistan into focus of all the participants with a very positive image of Pakistan.


Riphah Celebrates ISO 9001:2008 Certification of the University (1st Dec, 2014)

Riphah International University got ISO 9001:2008 certification from world renowned Certification Agency M/S Lloyd's Register, UK. The Quality Enhancement Cell Riphah International University spearheaded the activity, provided consultancy and necessary impetus to carry out preparations by the Faculties and Departments. The Faculty Heads, all the ISO representatives and associated staff displayed high degree of commitment with the objective and worked enthusiastically to bring the Honor of ISO 9001:2008 certification for their respective Faculties, Departments and the University. The drive and support of the top management acted as a catalyst for the activity. Resultantly, by the Grace of Allah Almighty, Riphah International University got the ISO 9001:2008 certification Honor, on 26th Oct, 2014.

To Honor the dedicated efforts of all the concerned appointments, Riphah held ISO 9001:2008 Certificates Award Ceremony on 1st Dec, 2014. The Guest of Honor for the event was Prof. Dr. Anis Ahmad, Vice Chancellor Riphah International University. The Respected Vice Chancellor gave a very motivating and impressive speech on the theme of Quality Assurance and future course of action to be adopted by all the faculties and departments to achieve further higher level of excellence, in all fields, in the university. A total of 64 participants were given the Certificates of Appreciation by the Vice Chancellor. The event ended with Dua and with the Pledge to continue working in this direction with a view to carry out Continual Improvements.