RCIB’s Journal of Islamic Business and Management

RCIB’s Journal of Islamic Business and Management (JIBM)

Riphah Centre of Islamic Business (RCIB), Riphah International University (RIU), has taken a step forward to provide a platform for research and publication on Islamic Business and Management in the name of the Journal of Islamic Business and Management  (JIBM) (ISSN: 2075-6291).

JIMB is a biannual journal with a mission to publish quality research material in all areas of business and management sciences. Our mission is to present the practice oriented quality research paving the way for a paradigm shift bringing to the world Islam's solution to global financial crises and economic malpractice.

The first issue (July- December 2011) has been published while the second Issue is in final stage.  We are interested in publishing rigorous research papers and articles providing sound theoretical and clear insights with future practical implications for the well being of the societies and the human beings as a whole. The online version of the journal can be read at www.jibm.org.

We welcome scholars, researchers and experts having different research and academic backgrounds from all around the globe to submit their contributions for the journal on any of the following areas:

  1. Research articles on Islamic economics, business, finance and / or management;
  2. Shariah – sources and jurisprudence issues; in the wake of emerging economic, finance and business developments;
  3. Archives – reproduction of treasured pieces of research or research based articles that  one may like for broad based dissemination among the current readership;
  4. Discussion on any issues that the scholars / readers may like share with others or would like to know opinion of others (Discussion Forum); and
  5. Book Review  

For sending academic contributions and views, please write to [email protected]