International Conference on Medical Education (ICME)

International Conference on Medical Education (ICME)

The mission of International Conference on Medical Education is “to provide a credible platform for bringing together World leading Experts on Medical Education and Educators from all over the world to prepare them adopt recent innovations and standards in medical education so that the product from Institutions in their countries matches and competes with the product from similar Institutions in the developed world”.

Riphah International University is one of the pioneers in commencing reforms in Medical Education. The aim of ICME conference is to establish a forum for sharing the experiences in healthcare professional education and by bringing together the individuals and organizations both from developed and developing countries.

The first ICME was organized in 2009 in Islamabad-Pakistan. It was a great success and its recommendations were implemented by the Government of Pakistan, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. It was decided that the conference will be a biennial event and will be organized also in other developing, particularly Muslim, countries who require support in implementing reforms in HealthProfession Education.


• To provide an international environment of learning and professional development.
• To provide a credible forum and creating communities of practice for health professionals, leaders, scholars, educators, clinicians, policymakers, and organizations by sharing their experiences, scholarly work, and future challenges in health professions education.
• To promote collaboration and strengthen liaison between medical schools internationally through the exchange of research ideas, viewpoints and experiences in health professions education.
• To appraise the trends and opportunities confronting health professions education both nationally and internationally.
• To share the challenges & issues in; growth of knowledge, societal issues, technology evolution, student’s involvement and support in curriculum, health care reform, accreditations, faculty development, and social accountability.
• To provide an opportunity to identify international standards and prepare health professionals according to that but in the local context.
• To develop strategies and recommendations to cope with the future context based challenges by using the best evidence-based medical education.

Sixth ICME will be held from 19-22 October 2019 at Pak-China Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan.

  • First ICME 2009, organized by Riphah International University, was held in Islamabad.
  • Second ICME 2010 was held in Abu Dhabi
  • Third ICME 2013 was held in Mauritius.
  • Fourth ICME 2015 was held in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Fifth ICME was held in Abu Dhabi ICME 2009 & 2010

For more details about ICME, Please click here to download the complete report of all ICME.