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17, May - 2012
Tajweed course certificate awarding ceremony held on 10th May 2012 at Riphah
Tajweed course certificate awarding ceremony was held on 10th May 2012, at conference room of block C. Six month Tajweed course completion certificate awarded to 12 females from Faculty and management.

Tajweed course was arranged by Tarbiyah department with VC’s approval.

Course content was basic principals of Tajweed, recitation of 30th Para, Hifz of last twenty small sura, with Surah Al –Mulk and Surah Al-Fajr. It was daily 30 min duration class, conducted according to availability of participants, mostly two to three times a day.

Course teacher was Miss Tanzilla, who completed her Tajweed Fazalat course and Hifz ul Quran course from Iqra Roza-tul-Itfal G-10/3 Islamabad.

Evaluation was made one written test of basic principals of Tajweed and oral test of recitation & Hifz. It was voluntary self sponsored course, Rs 500/- per participant/month was paid.

Certificates were awarded to six faculty members, 2 from FEAS, 1 from FC, 2 from RSL and 1 from basic sciences, from management three were of Tarbiyah department and two RA’s from hostel and one from information services department.
Asadullah khan sb, ED, was chief guest, VC sb regretted due to some other important engagement. Mr. Farhan, Asst Prof RSL also joined the occasion, with other female faculty members.

After introduction of course by Dr Kouser Firdous, Director Tarbiyah, chief guest appreciated the voluntary effort and the model adopted for study saying that if there is a will, always there is a way. He announced a gift of Quran especially designed for Tajweed learner for all participants of course.

Certificates were distributed by Director Tarbiyah. Ceremony ended with Dua to keep up the effort to be a better Muslim.