MOU signed between RISE and Catalyic Consulting

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between Riphah Institute of Systems Engineering (RISE) Riphah University and Catalyic Consulting here on Wednesday at Riphah International University.


The document was signed to develop cooperation and collaboration between Catalyic Consulting and Riphah to join hands in the promotion and improvement of higher education in Pakistan and to take real world problems in the industry to the academia to make the education and research more relevant to the national needs.


The MoU was signed by CEO Catalyic Consultancy Farhan Mirza and Director RISE Dr. Saad Zafar. The event was also attended by Director Marketing Catalyic Mohammad Bilal Islam, Director Information Security Khurram Javed, Senior Manager Security Catalyic Mohammad Ahmed, Manager Compliance RISE Obaid ur Rehman.


RISE is a research and development centre established under Riphah International University. Riphah is a private university observing the guidelines set by the HEC and works within the framework of education policy and regulations formulated by the Federal Government.


Riphah is committed to quality education and training with high priority for research and development. It makes use of modern teaching methodologies and techniques.


Catalyic Consulting is renowned leading Management Consulting Organisation having extensive experience for providing consultancy and training services in domain of industrial best practices.


Catalyic Consulting has a long track record of providing exceptional services, helping to resolve complex issues and developing business solutions that consistently lead to client success. It help companies in implementing standardized business processes.


Catalyic Consulting provide consultancy and training services in the areas of Process Improvement, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). Having work experience with clients around the globe, Catalyic Consulting operate as an exclusive organization, specializing in Consultancy, Training and SCAMPI Appraisals, using their partner network.


Glimpses of the MOU are attached herewith.