Ayub Khoso visits Riphah


“Seek pride in being Pakistan and work for its positive image, says Ayub Khoso Mr. Ayub Khoosa, the renowned TV artist and play-actor was the guest of honour at a get-together of students and faculty of Riphah Institute of Media Sciences at Riphah International University. Recalling the reminiscences of his more than three decades of association with TV and radio he narrated many interesting events and spoke on how efficient the staff and actors were in the infancy stage of TV in Pakistan, despite the shortage of resources and the advanced technology. He advised the students to seek pride in being Pakistani and build the image of Pakistan and its society positively through media. He said that no society is void of evils but their image builders, students of media, should ignore the evils and advertise its good aspects. It was unfortunate that those who portray negative aspect of our society get awards and we consider them our heroes. “Students of media, being image builders, can play positive role in society” He further advised the students to concentrate on their studies and keep in mind that good face can appear three or four times in various plays but cannot sustain for long time. It is the education which makes you prosper and let you grow intellectually and artistically. Earlier Riphah’s faculty member Col. (R) Ashfaq Hussain, Assistant Professor, welcomed the guest of honor. Syed Rehan Hasan, Director RIMS and other faculty members were also present at the occasion.