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Media Sciences

“The art of Communication is the language of Leadership”. James Humes.

What we know of the world and how we act in it is critically related to our use of communication technologies, from language to screen, and from text to social networks. Media studies arose as an academic discipline out of the tradition of critical analysis in English literature courses. It has since grown and established itself as an important academic field in its own right, drawing from a wide range of academic material including texts and ideas from: anthropology, psychology, criticism, sociology, philosophy, cultural studies, film theory, art history, and political science.

The media is in a near-constant state of upheaval with legacy media operations shrinking their operations and in some cases closing completely. The landscape is being redefined through online publishing and social media by an army of bloggers, YouTube stars and citizen journalists. There has never been a more interesting time to study media and never a greater need for people who understand the current complexities of the industry.The media industry is notoriously competitive and some areas still count first-hand experience over academic qualifications but a media studies degree will give you a good grounding for a job in journalism or a similar media role. Graduates also go on to roles in public relations, as television producers, program researchers or in marketing, communications or publishing.


    Offered Programs

    BS Mass Communication

    BS Game Design & Production

    BS Design (4 Years)

    BS Film Production

    BS Media Studies (BS-Media)

    Post Graduate Diploma in Visual Effects & Compositing

    Diploma in Editing & Motion Graphics

    MS Media Studies

    Doctorate in Creative Arts and Communication

    Message from the Director
    Welcome to Riphah Institute of Media Sciences, Welcome to being ahead of the curve. Media is an amazing opportunity, not only to show the world what you can ingeniously imagine, but also to make the world imagine more.With the rapidly developing technology, paving possibilities of accommodating wildest of the creativity. This for us will always remain an exciting journey. Every second and every step in this way, a birth of new ideas, the process of enlightenment and concern of moving in the right direction. Remember, we seek not mere personal accomplishments, but a legacy through a tool that is shaping the future of this world.
    Syed Rehan Hassan
    Director RIMS

    RIMS Impact

    Director RIMS

    At RIMS we offer the practical and hands-on learning experience to our students. In the very beginning, students are offered to visit industry and meet different media professionals. This learning experience develops confidence and an ambition to be more creative and innovative during.