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Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) was established, in Riphah International University, in Oct 2009 by Higher Education Commission (HEC) with a mandate to monitor, quality of education, through, a well-structured feedback mechanism.  The feedback is obtained from the current and ex-students, faculty, and employers. Since, its inception, QEC worked at high pace, created conducive environments to increase acceptability in the faculties towards QEC mechanism.
QEC organized a number of awareness seminars, in the university for the program team members, faculty and senior management on the subject of quality assurance, preparation of self-assessment reports.  Director QEC attended a number of national and international events to represent Riphah International University and to learn and share the good practices with national and international counterparts. 
Quality Enhancement Cell is a progressive and dynamic organization of Riphah International University which is moving at a faster pace to achieve distinctions in Quality Circles.

The Quality Enhancement Cell is responsible for promoting public confidence that the quality and standards of the award of degrees are enhanced and safeguarded.


  • Maintain and continuously enhance academic standards
  • Enhance student’s learning
  • Verify that the existing programs meet their objectives and institutional goals
  • Provide feedback for quality assurance of academic programs to the top management and HEC
  • Prepare the academic programs for review by discipline councils


  • Quality Enhancement Cell, trained faculties on the preparation of self-assessment reports, got them finalized and submitted to HEC well before target dates.
  • Attended all the quality-related seminars, workshops, and conferences arranged by HEC or other agencies in the country.
  • Arranged seminars/workshops within Riphah International University by inviting resource persons of the national repute to impart training to the program team member.
  • Represented Riphah International University, loudly at national and international forums (APQN Platform in Cambodia-Year 2012, Thailand- The year 2013).
    • Conducted entry point survey of new entrants with effect from year 2011. The objective was to record data of the new entrants regarding their socio economic and religious background, family relations, hobbies and life style, perception and trends of mind, social behavior and perception about profession and institution.  Having collected the data, QEC processed it and forwarded the recommendations to each faculty head for knowing the strong and weak points of the group and to facilitate management in planning and decision making to provide the required mental, moral, psychological and financial supplements for the students during their formal academic programs.
    • Conducted faculty survey to know the satisfaction level of all the faculty members for the information/knowledge of the faculty heads and the top management.
    • Conducted surveys to know the student’s satisfaction level regarding courses being taught and the methodology of teaching.
    • Developing and Implementing documents with a view to achieve International Certification for the University, against ISO 9001: 2008 Standard and earned ISO Certification for the university on 18 October 2012 from M/S Lloyd’s Register UK.
    • Secured first position amongst all the ‘W’ category private sector universities, in HEC ranking, announced by HEC on 15th March 2012.



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