Social Science

“Human thinking is affecting the Behavior, Attitude, Performance and Life. The improvement is possible due to the critic consultation of Social Sciences. The positive change may accrue due to Social Sciences of which human history is accepting the truth of life”. 


Riphah International University Al Maizan Campus welcome you to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.


We believe that the degree programs in the disciplines of English and Psychology will acquaint the students with key concepts as well as the emerging trends in both the disciplines. The Departments of English Linguistics & Literature and Applied Psychology were established in 2015 under the faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities (FSS & H) at Riphah International University, with the aim to produce Master of English in linguistics & literature and Master of Psychology in clinical & Research setup. The department of English is headed by S.M.A Rauf, Associate Professor who has more than 45 years of experience of teaching English Literature. Department of Applied Psychology is headed by Ms. Tasnim Rehna, a PhD Applied Psychology scholar with an extensive research and teaching experience. Both the programs are fully equipped with competent faculty, advance classrooms & labs

Dean's Message
Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at Riphah International University. At Riphah we are committed to provide value based quality education and expect that our graduates stand out for their academic excellence and ethical grooming. I hope that our qualified faculty, comprehensive curricula and experiential learning approach will groom our students, and enable them to make significant contribution to their respective fields.
Dr Kashif Sheikh
Assistant Professor / Acting Dean

In Pakistan there are only a few good schools of higher learning for women. Many families do not feel comfortable in sending their daughters to co-ed institutions. As a result, a good number of talented women are deprived of opportunities to attain intellectual and academic excellence. Riphah International University’s Al Maizan Campus offers its services to such students. It is a model institution of higher learning for females


Salient Features

  • Purpose Built Females Only Campus
  • Foreign qualified faculty with a majority of female
  • Conducive & Safe learning environment
  • State-of-the-art Labs and Modern Library
  • Technology and WIFI enabled campus
  • Play Area / Day Care / Cafeteria
  • Easy accessibility from three main highways (9th Avenue, Kashmir Highway and Expressway)
  • Free shuttle service from Metro Station (Faiz Ahmed Faiz) to WISH Campus
  • Located in the heart of Educational Sector of Islamabad
Social Sciences Impact
What is Social Science?
Social science tells us about the world beyond our immediate experience, and can help explain how our own society works - from the causes of unemployment or what helps economic growth, to how and why people vote, or what makes people happy. It provides vital information for governments and policymakers, local authorities, non-governmental organisations and others.