Media Sciences

Riphah Institute of Media Sciences (RIMS) was founded on the conception of learning to implement. RIMS believes in top quality education in the areas of Production, Direction and Journalism. We encourage our students to work ambitiously to produce quality work in the field of media.


RIMS is offering various programs at undergraduate and graduate levels including BS(Hons) in Media Studies, BS Mass Communication, MA Media Production, MA Broadcast Journalism, MS Media Studies. The institute is also offering diploma and capacity building programs like PGD TV Production and other customized professional development programs including Media Summer School. The curriculum is designed to assist the students’ to understand and to develop analytical skills in their major field of choices.


RIMS provide a technical expertise in practical and theoretical aspects of the media production and journalism. RIMS curriculum not only integrates the practicality of media but also the ethical and legal prospects of media. Latest technical facilities and a faculty comprise of strong academic and professional background that symphonize the exceptionality of RIMS. The amalgamation of modern equipment and the modern methodology of instruction provide students’ an opportunity and a way forward to become ardent and avid professionals in the field of media.




RIMS aspires students to think critically, not just about career opportunities, but also to face challenges; and to act wisely, with integrity and to make a positive contribution in the society.


Message from the Director
Syed Rehan Hasan has been instrumental in the planning, development and operations of over a dozen television channels, newspapers and social media portals in Pakistan and in other countries such as the US, England, UAE, Thailand and Hong Kong. His experience in the field spans a quarter of a century and his former students and trainees are working in a number of media institutions across the globe.
Syed Rehan Hassan
Director RIMS

Technical Facilities

RIMS is offering comprehensive facilities and services as following: 

  • Television Studio with professional quality Control Panel
  • Campus Radio Station- Riphah FM 102.2
  • Screening Room
  • Customized Classrooms
  • Audio Recording
  • Editing Labs with Apple Macintosh NLE System
  • Electronic Field Production Facilities


The amenities have been designed and developed to ensure alignment and compatibility with the modern media industry as well as to step out of the conventional technique of tutoring. We want to make certain that our students get maximum exposure to the newest technology, for this we arrange their field visits to various channels to keep them most-up-to-date.

RIMS Impact
Director RIMS
At RIMS we offer the practical and hands-on learning experience to our students. In the very beginning, students are offered to visit industry and meet different media professionals. This learning experience develops confidence and an ambition to be more creative and innovative during their stay at Riphah.