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Fee Structure

Semester Based Programs:

Fee Structure for the Year 2017-18
  1st Semester
Credit Hours
Admission Fee University Reg Fee


Card Fee

Tuition Fee
(Per Semester)
Examination Fee
(Per Semester)
Enrollment Fee
(Per Semester)
1st Semester Total fee

BS Mathematics (4 Years Program) Will Be updated soon

  Master of Science in Mathematics (M.Sc Maths)
PKR 16 3,000 2,000 100 34,560 3,210 1,070  43,940
@Rs.2,160 /Cr. Hr  

Master of Science in Statistics (M.Sc Stats)

PKR 15 3,000 2,000 100 32,402 3,210 1,070 41,782
@Rs.2,160 /Cr. Hr

M.Phil in Mathematics (M.Phil Maths) 

PKR 13 3,000 2,000 100 70,564 3,341 1,118 80,123
@Rs.5,428/Cr. Hr @Rs.257 /Cr. Hr @Rs.86 /Cr. Hr

M.Phil in Statistics (M.Phil Stats) 

PKR 13 3,000 2,000 100 70,564 3,341 1,118 80,123
@Rs.5,428 /Cr. Hr @Rs.257 /Cr. Hr @Rs.86 /Cr. Hr

Ph.D. Mathematics, Statistics 

PKR 9 3,000 2,000 100 65,142 2,313 774 73,329
@Rs.7,238 /Cr. Hr @Rs.257 /Cr. Hr @Rs.86 /Cr. Hr


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  • above fee excludes taxes & levies if applicable. 5% withholding tax shall apply where annual fee is Rs.200,000/- or more.
  • University has the discretion to revise course offering or credit hours mentioned above which may result in some variation in fee accordingly.
  • University has the discretion to revise fee & dues as deemed necessary by the authorities time to time.




Key Impact
The department endeavours to educate its students by providing them exposure to real-life problems and inculcating in them a problem solving approach. They are encouraged to explore, solve problems, break new grounds and cultivate leadership qualities.