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Vision and Mission

Sr.no University Vision

To excel in development of a holistic value based research, education and training programs.

2 To establish at national and international levels, state of the art educational, research, training institutions, in line with international best practices, with integration of universal Islamic values and Pakistan ideology, in order to produce dynamic human beings.

To develop and implement educational strategies, problems based academic programs, teaching material , report, surveys and research material to enhance the quality of education and training in various disciplines in higher education.


To play leadership role at national and international levels in systematic reforms (islah), transformation (tazkiah), creation of tolerance and forbearance( sabr , istaqmah) and innovative solutions (ijihad) for social change.


To establish model institutions particularly in holistic health care, in order to improve quality of life of the needy in society.

University Mission

“Establishment of State of the Art Educational Institutions with a focus on Inculcating Islamic Ethical Values”.

Faculty Mission
To Produce graduate having sound knowledge, cutting edge skill and positive attitude with respective discipline
Program Mission
To produce quality electrical engineering graduates cognizant of Islamic ethical values, ready to dedicatedly serve the profession as well as the society at large.
Faculty Impact
Electrical Engineering
Our graduates are serving in various national and multi-national companies. Some have established themselves as successful entrepreneurs while others are continuing higher education in renowned national and international universities. We strive to follow the motto of quality teaching and productive research with a strong focus on inculcation of Islamic ethical values while keeping in view the vision of transforming Pakistan’s economy into a knowledge-based economy through our skilled engineers and entrepreneurs.