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Following dress code must be strictly observed. Students violating the dress code will be fined, marked absent and may even be referred to the Proctorial Board for more severe punishment.






• White shirt with full sleeves and collar with front pocket

• Steel grey dress pant

• Maroon Neck Tie

• Black Shoes (Oxford)

• Black Socks




• White band collar qamees with full sleeves no slits. Qamees length should extend 2 inches below the knees.

• Black closed shoes

• Black socks

• Maroon scarf of specified size to fully cover the head, neck and body.

• Swan white shalwar In addition to this, girls can wear Abaya that may be white/black.

• Maroon band collar qamees from 3rd Year onwards.




Both male and female students should wear maroon Sweater and /or maroon single breast blazer.


White Coat:


Both male and female should wear white coat. It should be:

• Stitched loosely

• 2 inches extended below the knee

• Three buttons, two side pockets and one chest pocket on the left.




• The head scarf is mandatory for female students and it should cover their head, hair, neck and figure properly.

• Female students should wear full sleeve shirts without slits in sleeves

• Any color, other than the color prescribed for qamees, scarf, shirts, trousers, tie, footwear socks etc. is not allowed.

• Tight fitting, V-neck, fancy or trendy shalwars, embroidery or any other ornamental work is strictly forbidden.

• Baggy pants, jeans, tights, jackets and joggers are not allowed.


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