Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is broadly defined as the application of Engineering and Technology in the field of medicine and surgery. Biomedical Engineering is not an emerging field anymore. It has planted its feet concretely and helped the medical healthcare system made advancements since 1900s. Biomedical engineering has brought together the knowledge of diverse fields with a focus of applications in medical sciences. It abetted the healthcare professionals from looking inside the patient’s body to rehabilitate the paralyzed ones.

Riphah International University is among the pioneer for introducing the exciting program of BSc in Bio-medical engineering in 1998. Since then, the department of Bio-medical engineering has produced top quality graduates who are not only working in the country’s leading organizations but also earned name for the country by contributing in the relevant fields exceptionally well in foreign countries.

Message from the Dean
It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences (FEAS), Riphah International University, Islamabad. I am both humbled and honoured by the great responsibility bestowed upon me to take the FEAS to greater heights in academic and research excellence. FEAS is one of the oldest and leading faculties of the University which presently consists of following departments: 1. Department of Electrical Engineering 2. Department of Biomedical Engineering 3. Department of Mathematics & Statistics 4. Department of Physics Both the undergraduate programs i.e. BSc Electrical and Biomedical Engineering are duly accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) under Washington Accord and are in-line with Higher Education Commission (HEC). By virtue of this accreditation, the degrees conferred by the FEAS would be reckoned as substantially equivalent to the degrees awarded in the signatories of the Washington Accord members (USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Russia and China etc.) In addition, postgraduate programs including MS and PhD Electrical Engineering, MS and PhD Biomedical Engineering are also offered. The undergraduate and graduate programs are being taught under semester system of education. The curricula of the programs are designed and developed as per guidelines and recommendations of the PEC and HEC. In order to cater for the practical and research requirements of the programs, state-of-the-art labs have been developed and maintained. It is ensured that our graduates get comprehensive hands-on-experience on the latest equipment in the respective areas. Besides, the students are groomed to get expertise on solving of engineering and applied sciences complex-problems in real-life. Therefore, the students are trained in such a way that they meet the market requirements and thus get absorbed at earliest in the respective industries. The importance of Basic Sciences in the Universities is like a heart-beat in human body. The Basic Sciences are essential for proper understanding the technical subjects, promoting research work, widening the vision for the future and enhancing the quality and authenticity in Sciences. The subjects of Basic Sciences: Mathematics, Physics, Statistics play a vital role in the development of a country. We are committed to produce competent, motivated and socially responsible Mathematicians, Physicists and Statisticians that they can build the good traditions through education and to participate actively in the development of country. PhD, MPhil, MSc and BS Programs are simultaneously offered in Mathematics, Statistics and Physics department. Presently, there are about 3505 undergraduate and graduate students in FEAS. Highly qualified teachers including 55 PhDs are hired in the faculty who got rich academic and research experience. Various research groups are involved in research activities which produce quality work in their respective areas. Our faculty is actively involved in thematic, applied and multi disciplinary research and thus FEAS is the highest research-producing faculty of the University. I assure you of quality education, cutting-edge research and conducive environment so please have a “seeing is believing visit” of our campus.
Prof. Dr. Jameel Ahmed
Dean, FEAS

Aims & Objectives

Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences (FEAS) has been established to:

  • Produce competent engineers with the true spirit of dedication and professional ethics in conformity with the tenets of Islam.
  • Act as a nursery for the provision of engineers for the developing countries.
  • Establish a common platform for research, development and technical collaboration globally.
  • Create facilities for postgraduate studies leading to the award of MSc/PhD degrees.
  • Provide cross fertilization of knowledge in advance studies and research amongst students of the engineering and medical faculties.
Why Biomedical Engineering
Our Strength
Biomedical Engineering is one of the emerging fields and unique branch of Engineering in which the concepts, knowledge, expertise and skills are designated and applied to the field of biology and medicine in order to meet the daily challenges.