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Riphah NCUK-Pakistan

NCUK was created in 1987 by some of the UK’s leading universities as a pioneering project to run split degree programmes for Malaysian Government sponsored students. Today it works in countries all over the world, including China, Kenya, Korea, Ireland, Japan, Nigeria and Sri Lanka to create a quality international experience for students and education partners. Its aim is to provide cost-effective, pathway programmes that prepare international students for a UK degree. NCUK is owned by 11 of the finest UK universities and they are:-

  • University of Bradford
  • University of Huddersfield
  • University of Leeds
  • Leeds Metropolitan University
  • University of Liverpool
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • University of Manchester
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • University of Salford
  • University of Sheffield
  • Sheffield Hallam University

Riphah is NCUK’s 1st Delivery Partner in Pakistan. This venture guarantees successful students the opportunity of studying a part of their degree in Pakistan and Completing their degrees in the UK at one of the 11 NCUK Owner Universities.

Our programmes are developed in partnership with the NCUK owner universities; are quality assured to the highest standards and are the perfect academic and cultural preparation for higher education. Our bespoke 'English for Academic Purposes' module embeds the delivery of English within our programmes and provides our students with the linguistic ability and the study skills to succeed in higher education.

Riphah-NCUK-Pakistan is presently operating at Islamabad (Sector I-14) campus of Riphah International University. Currently the programs offered here are Electrical Engineering (UK), Computing (UK) & Business Studies (UK).

The NCUK Guarantee
Uniquely, NCUK is able to guarantee placements on suitable degree courses for all students who successfully complete one of the programmes. The ability to guarantee placements stems from the academic credibility of the programmes and the robust quality assurance procedures which are under the direct scrutiny of the founding universities. (see more details)

Recognised academic Quality
NCUK’s owner universities oversee the academic quality of the learning and teaching experience. Students of NCUK programmes at Riphah International University enjoy the same quality of experience as they would at any of the owner universities. NCUK has an unrivalled pedigree and since it was established more than 15,000 students from all over the world have progressed to degree courses in the UK.

Degree Completion in the UK
Following completion of NCUK Year 1, students are able to access more than 2000 degrees at NCUK Owner Universities.
Following completion of NCUK Year 2 in Business, Engineering or Computing; students will be able to access a wide variety of degrees at NCUK universities, with direct entry to the final two years of degree programmes.

  • Guarantee:
    Unlike A-Levels, successful completion of your NCUK Year 1 and NCUK Year 2 Qualifications guarantees you entry to one of our NCUK owner universities on a degree relevant to you. With both qualifications, all you need to achieve to secure your guaranteed place is 50% in your overall evaluation. . (see more details)
  • Savings:
    Each year of study in the UK will cost between GBP9000-GBP12000 fees with living costs of GBP72000. Cost of study in Pakistan is about GBP3800 per year for NCUK Year 1 and 2. The current depreciation of sterling makes UK education more affordable when compared to Australia, New Zealand the USA and other international destinations.
  • Flexible Entry:
    You can enter the NCUK Year 1 with a minimum of 60% pass in FSc or with As levels. You will need just two Grade C’s at A level to access the NCUK year 2 (year 1 level). All students will be required to fulfill our English Language Requirements.
  • Flexible Study:
    You can enter the NCUK Year 1 with a minimum of 60% pass in FSc or with As levels. You will need just two Grade C’s at A level to access the NCUK year 2 (year 1 level). All students will be required to fulfill our English Language Requirements.
  • Excellence:
    Our unique combination of excellent and fully accredited NCUK qualifications together with our links to the best partner universities, colleges and schools in Pakistan, ensure you get the best at all levels of your studies.
  • Faster Graduation:
    If you enter the NCUK Year 1, you will graduate after 4 years of study. If you enter the NCUK Year 2 (Year 1 degree level), you will graduate with honors after just 3 years of study. In Engineering studies, you can earn a M.Eng degree after just 4 years.
  • Professional Accreditation:
    Successful completion of your UK degree may provide exemption for some of the requirements of professional bodies in the UK. This will help you to prepare for careers in Engineering, Business, Accounting and Computing.
  • Work Ready Graduates:
    UK universities pride themselves on preparing graduates for employment. Some or our universities offer you the opportunity to work for one year as part of your studies. You are paid at the same time as gaining invaluable experience.
  • Work Experience After Graduation:
    Current legislation in the UK allows graduates to stay back for 3 months and look for a job relating to their respective education and careers pathways.

For Further Information on the NCUK Program please contact the NCUK Team.