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Basic Sciences


The disciplines of Basic Sciences have been the oldest branches of learning science, right from the time of Greeks. The Muslim Scholars of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, etc. laid down the strong foundation of scientific knowledge. The development of modern eras of inventions and discoveries evolved from those strong footings. According to Ibne-Khalun, “The study of Mathematics is for the mind, like soap for the clothes which washes away from them ‘Dirt’ and cleans the ‘Spots and Stains’.

Aims and Objectives:

  • The importance of Basic Sciences in the Universities is like a life saving drug. Basic Sciences are essential for proper understanding the technical subjects, promoting research work, widening the vision for the future and enhancing the quality and authenticity in Sciences.
  • The subjects of Basic Sciences: Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Economics, play a vital role in the development of a Country.
  • It is our intention to produce competent, motivated and socially responsible Mathematicians, Physicists, Statistician and Economists that they can build the good traditions through education and to participate actively in the development of our country.
  • It is our objective to promote educational “Jihad” to establish an ethically motivated, committed, hardworking, knowledgeable and sensible society.

Research Collaborations

  • An MOU is signed between Riphah International University (RIU) and National Centre for Physics (NCP).
  • An MOU is in progress between RIU and PIEAS (Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences).
  • An MOU is in progress between RIU and (PINSTECH) Pakistan Institute of Science and Technology.