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Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Riphah College of Science and Technology is one of the best institutes of engineering sciences in Lahore. It is offering 4-year BSc in Electrical Engineering with specializations in Power, Telecommunication and Electronics. The vision of the college is to emerge as a research-oriented and high-quality based institution in the country. This institution will groom its graduates for the impending challenges of unprecedented nature by equipping them with the knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. It will provide an environment geared up for professional learning and teaching in a congenial academic atmosphere supported by quality teaching, high performance research facilities and state-of-the- art infrastructure. In today’s environment of rapid and transformational change, one thing is constant and that is acquiring knowledge.
The college aims to provide its students an education with the relevance, depth and breadth of related experience that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Our students will enjoy the advantages that come from engaging with a leading-edge curriculum, highly qualified faculty, and an intellectual community that values diversity, interdisciplinary teamwork, and inventiveness. B.Sc. Electrical Engineering programme is carefully designed and developed by experienced academicians to ensure acquisition of high quality education in respective disciplines. Our focus remains on providing prospective engineers with insightful knowledge and professional skills to boost their competency for the job market.We aim to make academic careers more flexible by articulating the curricula in unison with practical needs of the day, with emphasis on building core competencies among the students along with fostering leadership qualities. The first five semesters of study will cover the foundation required for the optional courses; a student will opt from 6th semester and onwards. Therefore, the student will have the option to choose elective courses form the three available streams i.e. Electronic, Power and Telecommunication
.Faculty Mission:“To produce graduates having sound knowledge, cutting-edge skills and positive attitude with respective disciplines
Program Objective“To produce quality electrical engineering graduates cognizant of Islamic ethical values, ready to dedicatedly serve the profession as well as the society at large”

Electrical Engineering Programs

BSc Electrical Engineering (Power, Telecommunication, Electronics)

MS Electrical Engineering

Aims & Objectives:

  • Produce competent engineers with the true spirit of dedication and professional ethics in conformity with the tenets of Islam.
  • Act as a nursery for the provision of engineers for the developing countries.
  • Establish a common platform for research, development and technical collaboration globally.
  • Create facilities for postgraduate studies leading to the award of M Sc/PhD degrees.
  • Provide cross fertilization of knowledge in advance studies and research among students of the engineering and medical faculties.


At the national level, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) continues to re-accredit both our engineering specializations. The latest re-accreditation visit held in May 2015 resulted in PEC re-accreditation of our EE graduate batches of years 2015 as well as 2016.

Outcome-based education (OBE) is an educational theory that bases each part of an educational system around goals (outcomes). By the end of the educational experience, each student should have achieved the goal. There is no single specified style of teaching or assessment in OBE; instead, classes, opportunities, and assessments should all help students achieve the specified outcomes. The role of the faculty adapts into instructor, trainer, facilitator, and/or mentor based on the outcomes targeted. Following are the four Program Educational Outcomes of B.Sc Electrical Engineering Programs.

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Our Electrical labs

Message from HOD

Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Riphah International University, Lahore Campus, Raiwind road. Our Department offers a strong undergraduate education and research programs. The EE Department is known for its student-centered and practice-oriented education; we are committed to provide an outstanding educational experience to our students and prepare them for the highest personal and professional achievements.