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Healthcare Quality Directorate (HQD) has been established as a strategic unit of IIMCT  Riphah International University . HQD provide support in maintaining the Healthcare Quality ,patient safety culture, care and satisfaction of patients of all Riphah Healthcare Providing facilities by regular monitoring the quality measures and quality management system and communicating the standards and policies to the healthcare providers. In addition, by ensuring the regular compliance of Islamic, ethical values and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. HQD is also responsible to develop and run courses related to Quality and Patient Safety in Undergraduate and Graduate programs.

Our Quality Mission Statement:

We are committed to provide quality and cost-effective health care services in   IIMCT-Pakistan Railway Hospital, RIH,IIDC and Max Hospital . We will strive to accomplish this through:

  • Focus on patient safety, care and satisfaction.
  • Monitor quality indicators throughout the hospital and use them as objectives for continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • Communication of this policy to every member of our organization and take steps to ensure that it is understood & practiced by everyone.
  • Regular compliance with Islamic, ethical values and applicable statutory & regulatory requirements.

HQD ensures the maintenance these standards by:

  • Maintaining ISO 9001 certification in all four IIMCT hospitals and MSDS licensing at IIMCT-PRH ;
  • Performing clinical audits, quality improvement indicators, mortality and morbidity reviews;
  • Conducting regular Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs for healthcare professionals;
  • Measuring, Monitoring and prevention of infection;
  • Following international external quality controls;
  • Ensuring ethical staff work practices;
  • Assisting  regular audits of clinical standards by external organizations;

                      “Quality is the result of a carefully constructed cultural environment”         

                      “Quality is Journey not Destination”


HQD has tremendous achievements during the year in the field of academics and certifications.


  • Under supervision of Dean Faculty of Health Sciences Diploma in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety (DHQPS) successfully launched in collaboration with IIMC and first batch completed the course and have appeared for their final examination.
  • Patient Safety Curriculum successfully implemented in Medical Sciences, Rehabilitation and Allied Sciences, Dental Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences colleges of Riphah International University and has taken lead in Pakistan.


  • SUSTAINING ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATION and  ISO 9001 surveillance of IIMCT-PRH,IIDC, RIH and Max Hospital  by Lloyds Register
  • MSDS (Minimum Service Delivery Standards) license approved for PRH –IIMCT  by Punjab Healthcare Association
  • Initiating Canadian Accreditation process at Max Hospital and IIDC

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