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Q1. How can I apply Online for admission at Riphah?

An applicant can visit our Online Admissions Portal; creates his/her account and Apply Online.

Q2. What documents are required to be submitted along with online application?

You need to attach your recent photo and required documents in the online form. Documents which are required for any program are listed in the online application form.

Q3. Where should I deposit the online application processing fee?

For all programs except MBBS/BDS, the application fee of Rs 1000 can be deposited in cash (by handing over physically) in any of our Admissions Offices or thorough courier via Bank Draft of Rs 1060.
For MBBS/BDS, the application fee of Rs 2000 can be deposited in cash (by handing over physically) in any of our Admissions Offices or thorough courier via Bank Draft of Rs 2100.

Q4. Can I apply on NTS Basis?

NTS is not compulsory. However university's entrance test is exempted in case of BBA and BS Software Engineering.

Q5. I haven't completed/passed my NTS. Can I still apply for the Graduate or Post Graduate/Doctoral programmes?

Yes, you can, since NTS is not required for the admissions at all.

Q6. My result is awaited, can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply as in such case but have to submit surety certificate, duly attested by your institute's higher authority stating the minimum percentage required for the applied program.

Q7. What are the different Undergraduate Programs offered at Riphah?

The list of the current Undergrad programmes is:

  • MBBS
  • BDS
  • DPT
  • Pharm-D
  • BS Electrical Engineering
  • BS Biomedical Engineering
  • BS Software Engineering
  • BS Computer Sciences
  • BBA
  • BBS Islamic Business and Finance
  • BS Media Studies
  • EMBA
  • BS. Accounting & Finance

Q8. What are the different Graduate/Post Graduate Programs offered at Riphah?

  • M. Phil Anatomy
  • M. Phil Psychology
  • M. Phil Pharmacology
  • M. Phil Biochemistry
  • M.Sc Pain Medicine
  • M. Phil Pharm. Chemistry
  • MS Electrical Engineering
  • MSc Electronics
  • MS Computer Science
  • MS Information Security
  • MS Management Sciences
  • MBA (3.5 Years)
  • MBA (1.5 Years)
  • MS Islamic Business and Finance
  • MBA Islamic Business and Finance
  • MA Broadcast Journalism
  • MA Media Production
  • M. Phil Mathematics
  • M. Phil Physics
  • M. Phil Statistics
  • MSc Mathematics
  • MSc Physics
  • MSc Statistics
  • M.Phil Education
  • M.Com (Masters in Commerce)

Q9. What are the different PhD programs offered at Riphah?

  • PhD Pharm. Chemistry
  • PhD Computing
  • PhD Management Sciences
  • PhD Mathematics
  • PhD Electrical Engineering
  • PhD Physiology
  • PhD Pathology
  • PhD Pharmacology
  • PhD Bio Chemistry
  • PhD Pharmaceutics
  • PhD Physical Therapy
  • PhD Speech Language Pathology/therapy

Q10. Does Riphah offer Scholarships/Financial Assistance?

Yes there are various scholarships offered at Riphah. The list is as under:

  • Ta'meer Scholarship
  • Salam Scholarship
  • Musabiqat Scholarship
  • Mumtaz Scholarship
  • Usra Assistanceship
  • Zulfiqar Assistanceship
  • Riphah Assistanceship
  • Mawakhat Assistanceship
  • Wali Assistanceship
  • Ammal Assistanceship
  • Assistanceship for nominees of Al Mizan Foundation
  • Assistanceship for nominees of Pakistan Railways

Q11. What is the eligibility criterion for applying in Engineering Programs?

  • Electrical Engineering: Matric / O level / Equivalent qualification (Science Group) and FSc / A level / equivalent qualification (Pre-Engineering Group) with minimum 60% marks.
  • Bio Medical Engineering: Matric / O level / Equivalent qualification (Science Group) and FSc / A level / equivalent qualification (Pre-Engineering Group/ Pre-Medical Group) with minimum 60% marks.
  • Candidate with Diploma in Electrical/Electronic with Minimum 60% can also apply

Q12. What is the eligibility criterion for applying in BS Computer Sciences/BBA/BS Media Sciences/BBS Islamic Business and Finance?

A minimum of 45% marks in FSc/ Equivalent Certificate.

Q13. What is the eligibility criterion for applying in Medical Programs?

Matric / O level / Equivalent qualification (Science Group) and FSc / A level / equivalent qualification (Pre-Medical Group) with minimum 60% marks and the Entry Test Score.

Q14. Can I apply for Multiple Programs (Non medical)?

Yes, you can apply for multiple programmes. The admission form contains list of all the available programmes. You can apply for 3 programmes at the max; in case you didn't get admission in the 1st priority program, then your application will be automatically routed to the 2nd opted program.

Q15. Can I apply for Multiple Medical Programs?

Yes, you can without paying additional application fee.

Q16. I am a Pakistani living abroad; can I apply for admission as an international student?

  • Non Medical: You have to apply as an open merit candidate
  • Medical Programs: Yes, you can apply for admission against seats reserved for international students by submitting SAT Score and meet the specified eligibility criteria.

Q17. Can I apply on the basis of O level/ A Level Degree?

Submission of only O&A level grade / mark sheets will not serve the purpose. Equivalence certificates duly issued by IBCC, Pakistan are necessary for those candidates who do not possess Matric &FSc / FA qualifications.

Q18. Is there any age limit for Undergraduate Admission?


Q19. Would the admission processing fee / tuition fee be refundable in case a student does not join the University?

The University will only refund the Tuition & Exams fee to the student who does not join the university. The Admission Processing fee is non-refundable.

Q20. I could not appear in Riphah Entrance Test, Can I take the Test on some other day?

Riphah conducts its test on one day as per the announced schedule. As per policy if a candidate misses the test session he/she is not given another chance. But in case of the conduction of 2nd test , the candidate can appear against the vacant seats.

Q21. Is there any negative marking in the Entry Test?

There is no negative marking.

Q22. Do I have an option to give entrance test from any other City?

Unfortunately not. You have to appear at the venue announced.

Q23. Whom should I contact for queries regarding the Programs offered?

You can contact us at +92-51-8446000-8 (Ext: 226, 227) or E-mail at:

Q24. Though I have submitted my admission form but I have not received my Admit Card, what should I do?

Please forward an email at for the same or contact at: +92-51-8446000-8 (Ext: 226, 227) for the same.

Q25. What is the total time of Entry Test for the non-medical Programs?

Total time of entry test will be 2 hours approx.

Q26. Can I get some sample test papers of Riphah Entry Test?

You can download the sample papers for the non medical programmes from the Riphah Website: