Student Services Department

Student Services Department is playing a vital role for the grooming and development of student and to facilitate them. Student Services Department is already working on internships, placement & career services for our student. Extra-curricular activities are also conducted and organized by SSD. As there is always a place for improvement we will appreciate complains and feedback .

Manager Message
The Student Services Department provides direction and oversight for the strategic goals and objectives of a University; includes leading and directing students without daily supervision; motivates a team of staff toward the unit or campus goals; manages budgets and responds to complex issues that could impact the overall functioning of the University. Duties are performed at various levels within the defined title.
Amir Imtiaz Khan
Student Services Manager


Our Mission
Protect and enrich the well-being of students, including intellectual, emotional, and physical health
Student Services Department aspires to achieve an exemplary level of innovative and student-centered programs, services, and facilities in support of a growing and diverse commuter population while developing a quality residential component to realize the goal of becoming a competitive destination campus.