International Students

Welcome to Riphah International University 


Students from all over the world have been welcomed at Riphah International University since the foundation of the University in 2002. At present many countries are represented on campus, making Riphah International University a uniquely international and cosmopolitan university. Riphah International University provides you with an opportunity to study the medical sciences from a truly global perspective. As an international undergraduate student, you will be guaranteed accommodation at Riphah International University.


At Riphah International University, we pride ourselves on being a university where everybody is welcome, and everybody is offered a chance to develop. It is typical to feel apprehensive in the nation where you don't know anybody, however, we ensure that our students don't feel that way. We give full help to students who require it, including the Riphah's University Admissions office. I trust you will exploit their many fine projects as you investigate your new grounds and city.




Regardless of whether your house is far away or only a couple of hours'  from University, and regardless of to what extent you will be with us at Riphah International University, please realize that we are honored to have you here.



Dear International Students
Welcome to Riphah International University. It is magnificent to have you on grounds. Thanks to you for joining Riphah International University. It is the best choice you will ever make. I trust you will rapidly make yourself comfortable here and make the most of your visit to Pakistan. As being an inhabitant of Pakistan myself I can bear witness to it's a magnificent nation and you end up at one of its best Universities.
Hassan Muhammad Khan

I remember my own days studying abroad when I was a student. I am still grateful for the opportunity to have spent time living in another country, rather than merely passing through as a visitor. I not only learned a great deal about another culture, I also learned a lot about myself and about my abilities. Congratulations for choosing to push yourself in pursuit of that kind of experience. Get involved, try new things, Do as many mistakes as you can don’t hesitate this university will provide you a platform to learn and grow.



PhD, Social Science
Dean Riphah Academy of Research & Education (RARE)
MBBS, MCPS, FCPS, Pathology
Dean FHMS/Principal Islamic International Medical College (IIMC)
MBBS; Diploma Surgery; FCPS (Surgery) OJT (Cardiac Surgery)
Principal IIDC
Professor & Vice Principal (Academics & Coordination)
Medical Education that creats impact
Join our most modern medical education system developed as per WFME guidelines, conforming to 2023 requirements today, globally accredited by WHO, FAIMER, IAMRA, IIME & IMED (USA), RCPS (UK)