Computer Lab

IT & Computer Services

IT and Computer Services department provides wide range of technical facilities and services in order to ensure Riphah's mission of imparting high quality education. Apart from the core IT systems, tools and services that are required for the daily operations, the department focuses to provide innovative services and projects to support teaching, learning and research and development. The department provides high speed internet connectivity, latest desktop and laptops, multimedia and other equipment.

The University is using 30MB fiber-optic internet connectivity through the HEC's PERN project. This facility is providing state-of-the-art communication infrastructure to meet the requirement of the networking and internet. This facilitates audio/video conferencing and access to the digital library and university information portal. A structured program for using computers in the field of medical education namely “Computer Assisted Learning Program” is also introduced to enhance the computing skills of the students. Top of the line Campus Management and Learning Management Systems have also been installed to ensure quick and online academic services to all the users.