Communication & Outreach

Through strategic outreach, authentic reporting, and creative media, Communication & Outreach illuminates and supports the mission and vision and the many initiatives that Riphah has been taking! The Office of Communications and Outreach leads Riphah's communications and outreach efforts.

Led by Communications Director, Mr. Aqeel Shahzad, Office of Communications & Outreach oversees press relations, publications, contacts with organizations, and communication with parents, educators, students, and citizens.

Office of Communications & Outreach is responsible for:

1- Designing and printing of Prospectuses,

2- Brochures and Information Documents

3- University Website

4- Social media

5- Press releases

6- Riphah's Publications

Message from the Director
The Marketing and Admissions Office at Riphah is responsible for publicizing and showcasing the diverse array of programs and exert all possible efforts to show the positive image of the university and our healthcare institutions. The office has also the task of organizing celebrations and the official events of the university and to communicate effectively with the educational institutions, local and foreign universities. We consistently strive to uphold Islamic vision and mission of the university in congruence with the ever-evolving higher education trends.
Muhammad Yousaf Siddiqui
Director Marketing & Admissions

Major functions of the Department:

  • Admissions
  • Marketing & Outreach
  • Designing & Printing
  • Public Relations
  • Communication with Students, Faculty & Staff
  • Newsletters
  • Employer Branding
  • Internal Marketing


Assistant Manager Marketing
MBA, Marketing
Assistant Manager Admissions
MS, Management Sciences
Marketing Executive
MBA, Management Sciences
Going Digital
Our aim is to take the Communications to the next level where we are able to utilize digital platforms and transform the way Universities used to communicate with its stakeholders.