Private Medical Institutions And Quality Education

The field of medical education has its roots in history for many decades. Uncountable doctors, nurses, paramedics are being trained on a yearly basis. In their own ability, various universities are trying to put creativity into the student’s study plan of medical studies and also to bring new technical innovations in this field across the world. Medical education in general varies in terms of technicality and practice from orthodox education. The medical profession is considered to be the most honorable of all occupations because it deals with patients’ lives. Doctors earn high respect from society. It is extremely imperative that the quality of medical education tightly monitored and frequently revised. Doctors are forced to cope with stressful conditions under pressure and they must learn ways to ensure the wellbeing of other individuals. In Pakistan today, after consideration of the faculty, facilities, publications, standard of education as measured by the students, public profile, etc., Only a few private medical institutions stand near the international foundation in Pakistan. There are total of 114 medical institutions in Pakistan out of 114, 59 are public while 55 are private. Riphah International University is a private sector university chartered by the Federal Government of Pakistan in 2002. It is ranked 2nd by HEC in private sector universities in the general category. It meets the NCUK academic quality standards as its delivery center. It is 1 st in South Asia to be accredited by WCPT and also a pioneer in the doctor of pharmacy program. Good Medical Institutions like Riphah International University include the provision of better learning strategies and opportunities. It also includes modifications and improvements in teaching methodologies. For good Medical institutions, standardized and programmatic assessment methods are the priority. And parameters of quality assurance and management are the main concern for Riphah International University. Riphah International University has a structured program for using computers in the field of medical education namely the “Computer Assisted learning program”. It is also introduced to enhance the computing skills of the students. Top of line Campus Management and learning management systems have also been installed to ensure quick and online academic services to all users.We need private institutions but they must maintain the standard of education with facilities, faculties, and social obligations. Some of these colleges have a very good infrastructure, teaching faculty, and social structure. These institutions do admit merit students. The government must take initiatives that will benefit both the administration and the students in such a situation where universities are working for the doctors of tomorrow. Providing more comprehensive strategies is one means of ensuring the availability of quality medical education in private medical institutions. Such a need among private medical education institutions can be fulfilled by a defined standard. Therefore, Government must collectively build a stable atmosphere to encourage medical education in order to flourish, holding the healthcare of the common man in mind.