Merit Lists Spring 19' Admissions

Merit Lists Spring '19 Admissions 

Faculty  Programs

Merit Lists

Faculty of Management Sciences 
  • BBA
  • BS Accounting & Finance
  • BS project & Supply Chain Management
  • BBS
  • MBA Executive
  • MS Project Management
  • MS Engineering Management
  • Masters in Disaster Managemnt
  • MS Healthcare Management
  • MS Management Sciences
  • MS Accounting and Finance
  • MBA 1.5
  • PHD Management Sciences                                   

Faculty of Management Sciences First test Merit List

Riphah Institute of Media Sciences




Faculty of Computing




Faculty of Engineering & Appled Sciences




Faculty of Social Sciences


  • BS English (Lingustics & Literature)
  • BS Applied Psychology
  • M.A English (Lingustics & Literature)
  • MS.c Applied Psychology
  • PGD Professional Ethics
  • Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology (ADCP)
Merit List of BS Applied Psychology

Faculty of Rehablitation & Allied Health Sciences



Riphah Institute of Systems Engineering



Riphah Institute of Public Policy



Riphah Institute of HealthCare Improvement  & Patient Safety