Instrumentation & Measurement

Recommended Books

  1. Measurement & Instrumentation Principles” Alan S Morris
  2. “Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory” Robert L. Boylestad

Course Description

The goal of the course is to give the student knowledge and experience to select and design simple measurement systems for a given application, based on different physical measurement principles, modeling, simulation, and error analysis.

Course Learning Outcome


Understanding the basic elements of Instruments and measurement ,types of Measurement and classification of instruments.


Design of different types of bridge circuits for different applications.

CLO 3 Analysis and Design of different types of sensors/Transducers.


Analysis of Power and energy & High voltage Measurement.

CLO -PLO Mapping

Course Code CLOs/ PLOs PLO1 PLO2 PLO3 PLO4 PLO5 PLO6 PLO7 PLO8 PLO9 PLO 10 PLO 11 PLO 12
EE-442 CLO1   X   X   X                  
CLO2   X   X   X                  
CLO3   X   X   X                  
CLO4   X   X   X                  

Program Learning Outcomes

PLO1: Engineering Knowledge

PLO2: Problem Analysis 

PLO3: Design/Development of Solutions

PLO4: Investigation

PLO5: Modern Tool Usage 

PLO6: The Engineer and Society

PLO7: Environment and Sustainability

PLO8: Ethics

PLO9: Individual and Team Work

PLO10: Communication

PLO11: Project Management

PLO12: Lifelong Learning